Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Things I Learnt During My First Term at University

  1. Syllabub is evil, despite its deliciously creamy taste - and I am not impervious to hangovers.
  2. When a man asks you back to his place to play Monopoly, it's not Monopoly he has in mind.
  3. Wherever you go, there will be good, kind people. The trick is finding them.
  4. Limes are the manly fruit.
  5. Men are just as fickle as women. I myself can be a bit fickle on occasion.
  6. We rely on others for our sanity as much as ourselves.
  7. I can sing.
  8. Guys are great company.
  9. Academics are bonkers, most of them. Is strangeness on the exam?
  10. Being blind drunk need not prevent you from writing a decent essay - indeed it may help.


Scotty said...

At one point in my life, I would have disagreed strongly with your point 3; I believed that good, kind people naturally gravitated towards other good, kind people. Nowadays however, I'd be more inclined to agree with you. It does seem hard to find people like that. If I discount a certain self-absorption by individuals due to things happening in their life, it does appear that a lot of folks are snarky, mean-spirited, self-centred, selfish, or mostly as I've found lately, simply indifferent to a lot of things.

On point 8, I agree; we can be great company, when we're not thinking about getting you into bed that is, lol. That train of thought seems to happen when we hit middle age (mid to late 30's for me anyway) when we start enjoying women for their company. We notice a lot more about her than just the size of her tits. Our focus shifts upwards, towards a set of eyes that we suddenly find captivating, a smile that brightens our day, and an intelligence that leads to great conversations on life, the universe, and everything. The sad part is that because of our earlier boorishness, we often find that women give us a wide berth on occasions, probably because they think that as a single middle-aged guy, we must be flawed somehow, and of course, we only want to get them into bed anyway. Their chance to meet some guys who are simply great company, slips by.

Funny old world, isn't it?

Wanna come back to my place and read some poems? No, seriously, I like poetry...


Decidedly Bookish said...

I'm not sure that men's "focus shifts upwards" at middle age in general - maybe it's just you! I've always thought it to be the case, but this, or should I say last, term I found some great guy friends my age, and had a horrid experience with a man your age. Generalisations are difficult, in general!

Scotty said...

Well, it could be just me, I suppose; I know that with the bunch of guys I work with (average age of about 38), it certainly feels like I'm one of maybe 6 or 7 who feel that way. The rest still have a very cavalier attitude towards women unfortunately.

And I'm sorry to hear about the horrid experience too; it's no wonder that single, middle-aged guy is a horrible demographic to be part of - it's idiots like the one you met who spoil it for the rest of us good guys. *smile*

That link should work now too...

Autumn said...

Hi DB,

A guy who asks you to play monopoly in his house would definitely have something else on his mind :).

Happy New Year!


Mary Paddock said...

I agree with #8

Beginning in college, my male friends have always outnumbered my female friends. They were easier to be with and I had more in common with them.

I guess it was good training ground for dealing with four boys and a husband.