Monday, 9 April 2007

I wave the dumb-struck world hello

I'm still on a NaPo-high. New stuff just keeps coming, phrases and images. I can see them so clearly in my head. The barrenness of most of the last few years seems a world away. And it feels so good. Hurrah!

And, what's more, I had a poem written about me by a chap called Larry. I couldn't resist posting it. It's based on the following photograph of me, riding an elephant in Thailand, February 2006:

Laura Rides an Elephant

for Empty Chairs

Laura rides an elephant:
the sun comes bouncing down the lane,
the sky too silver-blue to be,
her mother says don't lie to me,
behind the window pane.
Her father's crying in his bed,
his books glued closed in labeled rows
as Laura rides an elephant
across the lawn, beyond the shed
where wild poppies grow.

Laura rides an elephant -
a swaying lull she can't contain,
so high, to fall would break her soul
to screws and splints, the rigmarole
of staying smart and sane.
The flappy ears slap slap her knees,
she waves the dumb-struck world hello:
when Laura rides an elephant
she bids the frame to flash and freeze
and never let her go.


Larry said...

Hah, I just found myself here. I'm really glad you (and others, it seems) liked the poem and I'm duly honored to get shown aound.


Santie said...

What a beautiful poem! I am going to add it to my favourites.