Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mmmm.... books

I've been busy with exams and stranded without internet, so this is just a little update from me, really. NaPo died a death about two thirds of the way through, I'm ashamed to say, but, still, I got some good poems out of it. I sent Bee, Sorrento, Persephone and Samson (those of you from NaPo will know which poems those are) to the Mslexia Competition, and I'm looking to send Nativity to some magazine or other.

I've also done quite a bit of very wonderful reading. I adored Margaret Atwood's Penelopiad, which seemed to combine my interests as if it were written especially for me: Greek mythology, a woman's perspective, poetry in prose.... Then I went on to Oryx and Crake by the same, which startled me in how different it was: a futuristic tale of survival. How versatile she is, unlike, say, Torey Hayden or Catherine Cookson, who basically write/wrote the same novel over and over again. Then I moved on to Angela Carter, and, oh, I fell in love. The Bloody Chamber is a retelling of fairy tales, and gloriously gothic, all blood and death and sex and roses and wolves and beasts and sex, lavish surroundings, lavish language. And I've just finished Wise Children, which is basically a Shakespeare play narrated by a feisty old lady. That was fantastic, kept me away from my revision, though. I'm about to start The Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling, because I am a taxi driver's daughter.

Don't forget Adam's pamphlet launch next Tuesday (15th May) at 6.30pm, Foyles Charing Cross!


Angie said...

Hi, there, girl. Good luck with your poem submissions! Still *love* Nativity and can't wait to see who takes it.

Autumn said...

Laura, good luck with your poems submission.

James Midgley said...

Just got Atwood's book in the mail. I bought it as part of a boxset of 6 myth-based novels for 3 quid off Amazon (they're doing clearance sales). Not bad!