Monday, 21 May 2007


You know, I intended this to be an academic weblog. Not very academic of late, is it? More my-life journally type stuff. I will reform my ways after exams are over, and I have more time to read into stuff of an academic interest. Or, rather, read into it and then write about it. I'm still reading. Wikipedia is my friend. Sure, it's biased and often inaccurate, but that's half the fun! I've been reading lots about Neopaganism: Druidry, various types of Wicca; there are all sorts of types of Paganism. Also read about Gnosticism, and Simon Magnus, and all that. Very interesting. I'm currently a Christian Druid! And, yes, that is possible. I'm going through a very spiritual time in my life at the moment. Should lead to some debatey/thinky type posts over the summer.

As usual, I'm also reading novels. Since my last post, I've read The Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling, which I enjoyed. It managed to be neither superficial nor heavy reading. It also mirrored by own life and upbringing, in the "respectable working class." My dad's a taxi driver too. I also read Knowledge of Angels by Jill Paton Walsh, which I found a little tricky to get into at the start, but certainly worth it. It was both pleasing to the imagination and stimulating to the intellect with its religious/philosophical discussions. I'd have liked a happier ending, though! I'm on to Giving up the Ghost by Hilary Mantel now; will start on the train tomorrow.

There was Adam's pamphlet launch, of course, last Tuesday. It was published by The Tall Lighthouse, which specialises in poets under 30 and provides quite a lot of extra help and guidance, it seems. Perfect. I plucked up courage and spoke to Roddy Lumsden about submitting a manuscript, and I intend to have 30 poems sent off by this time next year. So that's hopeful; what's hopeless (at least until next year) is that I received a rejection letter from Tower Poetry summer school this morning. A lot of muttering under the breath, but, other than that, I'm cool. :o)

Next time I post will probably be after my second trip to Rome! Rome! Woohoo!


Rob said...

The Tall Lighthouse seems like a good thing to get involved in, and it's good you had a chance to speak to Roddy. He is very supportive of young poets with promise.

I reviewed a TL publication for Sphinx magazine a few months ago - by Lisa Dart. The review is online and can be linked to from my blog under "My Reviews." It was quite an interesting pamphlet.

Angie said...

A blog is whatever you need it to be, sweets. Most things are. :) I'm putting your books on my list. Have a lovely time in Rome! XO

Scotty said...

While I'm agnostic myself, I do read a lot on the world's differing religions in an effort to better understand what makes faith appealing to so many, and also why faith might be chosen over another.

I found this link a while back and wondered if you might find it interesting; it contains 'The Gospel of Thomas' which apparently has a Gnostic influence as well as excerpts from 'The Gospel of Mary'

Have a great time in Rome. :-)

Autumn said...

Good luck to your exams and your writing.

Have a good trip to Rome.