Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Body Positive

After yesterday's weight whinge, I feel it's time we had a body positive post.

My friend, Dav, took some photos of me a few months ago and finally got round to sending them by e-mail yesterday. And in some of them I don't look half bad. I'll spare you the semi-clad ones; here's one of me in a pretty dress:

I'd also like to recommend some good body-positive blogs: Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder and fat fu. Smoog also wrote a brilliant entry on the subject.

I'd like to finish with an image nicked from old_man_summer.

This is actually a Brazilian advertisement for low-fat yoghurt. Unfortunately, the text reads, "Forget it. Men's preferences never change. Fit Light Yogurt." It's a spin-off from this image from the film American Beauty:

The point, then, is that the girl in our yoghurt ad obviously looks totally unattractive and unsexy, unlike Mena Suvari from American Beauty. And obviously a woman's perogative is to attract men. So you'd better go and buy some yoghurt so that you'll look like Mena Suvari, because she's clearly the sexier of the two.

If you're a necrophiliac, that is.


Autumn said...

Lovely dress and pose, you I mean. :)

And good luck with your meds.

alternatefish said...

Screw men. I try to keep my body in a form that I'm happy looking at. And I'm especially happy when I don't look dead.

and yeah, good luck. I hate drugs.

Hedgie said...

Remember that the purpose of advertising is to shape opinion, not reflect opinion. Accordingly, don't allow advertising to shape your opinions about what men want or what women should be. Unl;ess, of course, it's your goal to become the "perfect consumer," regardless of the harm that does to yourself.

And, for what it's worth, the model in the Brazilian ad is far more attractive than the anorexic American.

Decidedly Bookish said...

Yes, Howard, totally true. I was being sarcastic! xxx

~ Alias Rose Poetry ~ said...

Good one... I'd rather eat yoghurt than American pies any day! :D Tehehe!