Friday, 17 August 2007

The Beginning of Terror

"I'm after something that will make some sense out of the chaos in the world and within us. The result should be something that is, well, 'beautiful,' but beauty isn't merely the pretty, or harmony, or equilibrium. Rilke says beauty is the beginning of terror."
~Frank Bidart

And on the subject of beauty, I'm going to Cornwall. See ya :o)

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Bandersnatchi said...

Rilke is weird.

It is presumptuous of Bidart to pronounce on what the outcome of understanding should be, but I think he senses this as he qualifies what beauty is, not "merely the pretty.."

I think Bidart misrepresents his query. He says he seeks understanding of the chaos, but by definition, "chaos" is that which has no form, no structure, and is therefore incapable of being understood. Rather I think he is after a peception of the hidden structure of the world in which he lives and of our collective "internal" psychology.
In other words, he seeks "what there is (externally)" and "what we should do (internal structure)"

This introspection and examination of the external world has been the concern of philosophers for several thousands of years.

One of the outcomes of this inquiry has been that while it isn't all beautiful, beauty is nonetheless the final arbiter.

Thanks for the quote Princess, it was quite inspiring.