Friday, 10 August 2007


Does any kind, generous soul, blessed with the wisdom of Photoshop, feel like making me a header/banner thing for this blog? Sometimes I just sit and weep because it looks so uninspiring. I would send you a present to say thank you. Please. *puppy dog eyes*


Scotty said...

Hiya Laura,

I don't know about making you one but I could email you the code from my header if you like so you can see how I achieved my effect. I know next to nothing about CSS/HTML code but was able to experiment a bit within Blogger to get mine working.

Decidedly Bookish said...

Thanks, Scotty. I would like to take a look if that's okay.

Scotty said...

No probs, Laura, got an email addy I can send it all to? PM me at PFFA if you want to keep your email anonymous here.

Decidedly Bookish said... Thanks!