Monday, 6 August 2007

Facebook Groups

It is so freaking hot. The kind of heat that keeps you up at night when you're knackered and makes your mosquito bites itch like mad. The one on my left leg is the size of a saucer. I kid you not.

I've got a proper entry in the pipeline, but I'm way too tired now. Instead I thought I'd share some of the Facebook groups I'm in, seeing as Facebook has pretty much taken over my life now.

"I'm a sociopath" "No, you're a dyke": The Official Lisa Rowe Fan Club
Facebook: Making Stalking Easy
'Get Off My Stage' - a Jeremy Kyle appreciation group
A Cornucopia Of Love!!!! (Potter Puppet Pals ROCK!!!)
A Cup of Tea Solves Everything
A good Latin student never declines Sex (VI)
A nice cup of tea and a sit down
Admit It - You Love Bellatrix Lestrange
All the Cool Kids Know Dead Languages
Bipolar Pride: the Crazy Ones Have all the Fun
Caecilius Est In Horto
Campaign for lecturers to have their own entrance music
Campaign for the Return of Prince Charles' Moustache
Carol Ann Duffy is the High Priestess
Christians CAN make good music... honest!
Classical Greek Ruined My Personal and Social Life (I started this!)
Classicists Make Better Lovers
Down With This Sort of Thing: Fans of Father Ted
Dumbledore's Army
Edward Monkton is a Genius
Enid Blyton Nostalgists
Enough postmodernism: I just want to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Etymologies are sweet
Facebook whores...
Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells Appreciation Society
Hooray for Those Nice Biscuits with "Nice" on Them! (me again)
Hots for the Smarts (me)
I actually CAN'T wake up in the morning..
I am a classicist, therefore I am pretentious and proud of it!
I am just a girl... interrupted.
I can't accept that fictional characters aren't real
I Can't Stop Listening to Regina Spektor
I can't wait to be mummy! (me)
I did Latin A-Level. That makes me cleverer than you.
I Hate It When the Greek Verb I'm Searching for is Another Verb Entirely
I judge you when you use poor grammar.
I like to pilfer and accumulate music from choirs I belong to
I Love Books About Crazy People
I study English. I rock.
I Used To Be Good At French, Now I'm A Bit Rubbish
I want to be in the Medieval Baebes
I'd Marry the Beast if I Could Have a Library Like That...
I'd Sail With Captain Jack Sparrow!
I'm an ear with feet... aka a Tori Amos Fan (Global)
If this group reaches 1,000,000 maybe Jesus will come back
It's 4am, why the hell am I on Facebook???
It's Pimms O'clock
Literary Crushes (me)
My Friends Are Getting Married. I'm Just Getting Drunk
Odysseus is a Legend
Orange Smarties - four is not enough!!
People who don't sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason
People Who Set Off Fire Alarms at 4am Should Be Shot (me)
People's Front of Judea
Petition to revoke the independence of the United States of America
Physics doesn't exist, its all gnomes
Pirate University Fallback Plan
Psychiatric Hospitals Drive Me Crazy!!!!
Raving Lunatics Make the World a Better Place (Global Chapter)
Reading is Sexy
Sex, Drugs and Aristophanes
Shakeaway Makes Life Worth Living
Spider-Pig Appreciation Society
Spinsters united
Stephen Fry's Friendship Proxy Group
The 'Word Count' Button is EVIL
The Erotic Voice of Marks And Spencer Food Adverts Appreciation Society
The Lecture Doodling Society for the Chronically Bored
The Pedants' War on Error
The Tyrannosaurus Alan Appreciation Society
We Must Take Our Tablets Or Else We Will Go Mad! (me)
Weasel, Weasel! . . . aka the Eddie Izzard Appreciation Society
Why Yes, I Do Frequently Burst Out in Song
Writing Papers Single Spaced First Makes My Double Spaced Result Climactic

And I've separated these two for Harry Potter 7 spoilers, though shame on you if you haven't finished it yet.


The Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks Memorial
"NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" : Mrs. Weasley Appreciation Group (Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables.)

Well, that was an entirely pointless entry, wasting both my time and yours. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and sleep in the fridge.

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