Monday, 31 December 2007

Love, Life and Folk

I don't think there's going to be time for proper thinky academicky type blog posts this holiday after all, since I'm going back to uni on Friday and I still have acres of work to do. But I shall visit my friends' blogs and I shall do a proper update, if a brief one, rather than just whinging like I did in my last post.

I'm back with my boyfriend from nearly six years ago. His name's Jon; he's nearly 24; he's a programmer for Here we are back in 2002:

Other local news.... I got confirmed a month before Christmas. That was very special. (That sounded sarcastic, wholly unintentional.)

I went to see The Imagined Village, a project - including Billy Bragg, Martin and Eliza Carthy, Benjamin Zephaniah and various people - combining traditional folk and world music for a multicultural Britain in exciting and innovative ways. Benjamin Zephaniah's modern-day rap version of Tam Lin was a little disconcerting at first but their version of Cold Haily Windy Night, dare I say it, trumped even Steeleye Span.

Last term I did a Middle English Poetry course, focusing on The Knight's Tale, Piers Plowman Passus XVIII and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Fitt IV. I also developed a positive obsession with Middle English language and Medieval Literature. And I'm so happy now, I have so much of it to read, should I ever have the leisure. I'm also happy to have found my "niche" in English Literature studies. Everyone seems to have a particular period that they're interested in, and now I have mine. I also started attending Old English Reading Group, reading Anglo Saxon riddles, which I find terribly difficult. It's fun too, though, because we eat biscuits and Jenny is very patient and encouraging.

I have a massive essay to write. Not massive in terms of length, but in terms of work involved, and it's worth 80% of my Middle English Poetry mark, which counts toward my final degree. All scary stuff. Which I guess is why I'm procrastinating by hiding under my duvet and watching House all day.


Harry said...

What's the essay about?

Autumn said...

Congrats on boyfriend and confirmation.

Belated Merry Christmas and have a good 2008.

Decidedly Bookish said...

Thanks, Autumn, and, Harry, hi. It's an essay on Gawain, Piers and Knight's Tale, linking them with Nicodemus and Boethius.

Mary Paddock said...

Nice to hear you sounding so happy all the way around.

Happy New Years!

Harry said...

"It's an essay on Gawain, Piers and Knight's Tale, linking them with Nicodemus and Boethius."

Ah. Fair enough :)

Happy new year!

Angie said...

I did a final essay on Knight's Tale and Boethius! It was brilliant if I remember correctly... but with my selective memory, I am probably mistaken. haha

You take care of yourself, sweetie. All best wishes to you in the new year. xo

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