Saturday, 3 May 2008

NaPo Questions

1) What made you want to do it?
It's become a yearly tradition. It's fun, in a perverse kind of way. And I like the comeraderie (sp?) of it, "we're all in this together" type thing. More importantly, though, speaking of someone who can go months without writing anything, it forces me to sit down and write.

2) What do you feel you got out of it?
A reassurance that I haven't "lost it" or outgrown writing poetry. And a few good poems-in-the-making.

3) Do you think the poems you produced are necessarily worse what you would normally write?
Some are, simply because they're stuff I would usually destroy but that I post to meet the deadline. But, usually, no.

4) Did it prompt you to write different kinds of poems to the sort you normally write? In what way?
Yes, I tried out the sevenling, because other people were writing them. I discovered a new form and I was happy.

5) Do you feel it goes against any principle of writing poetry, or definition of poetry, or somehow cheapens poetry or anything like that?
I'd never considered it, but, now I do, no.

6) What are you going to do with the poems you've written during the month?
Destroy some, and keep some for when I learn how to revise.


Marvin said...

I just did a search for other bloggers that listed Gerald Manley Hopkins as a favorite. I like your reading list. Good luck

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